Harry Hellfire


“Harry Hellfire”is the story of a great rock musician the world missed out on .  Residing in a tent behind a seaside graveyard in Greenport Long Island, Harry struggles in this telling of his life’s story. This is the tale of Harry’s existence; one shaped by, bullying,  inner demons, and defeat.

 An amazing self-taught guitarist in his adolescence, Harry continues to seek refuge through his playing. Through his own words and those who have known him since childhood, ‘Harry Hellfire’ pieces together a portrait to be left unfinished. A song yet to be sung.


“Harry Hellfire” Director Jim Morrison on “Conversation’s At The Cafe” with Bonnie Grice.  11/28/12

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HBO’s hit series Girls recently shot an episode right here in our hometown of Greenport.  About 99% of “Harry Hellfire” was also shot here in Greenport.  In fact Harry played within some yards of where Lena Dunam (in her green bikini) is standing.

Lena Dunham

Harry Hellfire Director, Jim Morrison (sorry no bikini)

Hey it’s an easter egg!